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Klara Prast: From Marvel Comics' Runaways, a mutant and a timetraveler from 1907. Normally found at [ profile] milliways_bar under [ profile] blumekinde or [ profile] sixwordstories under [ profile] runawaysrose or [ profile] speakstoroses.

Scooter: From The Muppet Show. He'll go-fer coffee, go-fer sandwiches, go-fer anything you need! Can be found at [ profile] theatrical_muse, and occasionally at [ profile] mixed_muses.

Eugene Meltsner: Of Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey radio series. Usually found at [ profile] justprompts and occasionally at [ profile] sixwordstories.

Anei Bei Fong: An OC inspired by the Avatar fandom and [ profile] street_eden. Can be found at [ profile] playing_in_sand or [ profile] mixed_muses.

Molly Walker: From Heroes. This little girl has the ability to find anyone at any place at any time (unless they're dead). Played at [ profile] milliways_bar under [ profile] heroesmolly and [ profile] sixwordstories/[ profile] muse_shuffle/[ profile] justprompts under [ profile] canfindyou.

Karsh Antayus: From the Disney Channel Original Movies T*Witches and T*Witches Too. Played at [ profile] theatrical_muse.

Aelita: From the animated series Code Lyoko. Played at [ profile] theatrical_muse and occasionally at [ profile] sages_of_chaos.

Tim Speedle: From CSI: Miami. Played at [ profile] milliways_bar, [ profile] thetenspot and [ profile] muse_shuffle under [ profile] inthetoilet and [ profile] digital_dive under [ profile] hatesdispoday.

John Munch: Everyone's favorite snarky homicide detective-sergeant from Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: SVU. Can usually be found at [ profile] milliways_bar, although occasionally I take him over to [ profile] sixwordstories.

Rue: From The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Played at [ profile] digital_dive under [ profile] fournotebird, and at [ profile] mixed_muses and hopefully [ profile] milliways_bar under [ profile] onabirdswing.


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